Chimney Inspection To
Keep Your Home Safe


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Proudly Serving Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery Counties, PA


Chimney Inspection and Chimney Repair from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ernest Bock & Sons of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, provide proper chimney inspection and professional chimney repair, ensuring your fireplace is working properly and your home is safe.


•    Chimney Repair
•    Chimney Cleaning
•    Chimney Inspection
•    Gas Violations Corrected
•    Re-Lining Services
•    Brick Pointing & Masonry
Repaired      Cleaned   Relined     Pointed
 •    Restored
Wood and Gas
Call Today! (267) 563-8343

Proudly Servicing the Philadelphia,
Bucks and Montgomery PA counties
for over 60 years!

We are dedicated to providing excellent service with a smile. From cleaning to brick replacement and liner repair, we offer reliable and affordable chimney sweep services.

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